Looking to have a banner designed for your website? You need a very worthy companion. We BannersToDo are one such company. We opened our doors in 2009 and have since been continuously operational for the last almost one decade. Below is an in-depth look at just who we are and how we might help you.


We perform the following and indeed so many more services:

HTML5 Banners
We have the technical capacity to design banners using the latest techniques. The HTML5 is the latest and by far the most outstanding of such tools at the moment. You should, therefore, count on us not to let you down.

Rich Media

Even if you want your banner to possess the greatest functionalities, you can be sure that we can be of help. We are well conversant with these latest techniques and will, therefore, be of great help to you at all times.

Animated GIF

These are snippets which are attached to a web page for the sake of enhancing its appearance and the information it provides. We not only design them well using the latest techniques but also attach them to your site.

Static Banners

Of course, you might still be interested in the old-fashioned banners. We have not lost the ability to do so either. We can still design and develop such banners for your website and other non-web based applications.

FB Ads

Given the vast potential that the Facebook offers to any would-be advertiser, it is necessary to be able to leverage this potential. We are well aware of this. That is why we have a dedicated team of skilled designers who will help you in this.

FB Covers

Your Facebook cover photo speaks a lot about you, or your company. That is why you have to invest plenty of time and effort to design it. Our team of Social Media strategists will guide you through this vital process for the best possible outcomes.


The following are the factors that make us stand out:

Happy Clients

All the clients we have served in the past have been happy, almost without exception. To date, we have served hundreds of clients. They all cannot be wrong. You can be sure that you also will enjoy the same happiness they enjoyed.

Unique Designs

In our dealings with you, we adopt a personalized approach. We treat each client as if he were the only one in our company. This gives rise to unique designs that are not found anywhere else. You can be sure that you will not suffer from the violation of copyright rules.

Higher Conversion Rates

You do not design banners for the sake of it. You want the banner to attract as many would-be clients as possible and to convert them to long-term customers. Our banners are deliberately eye-catching and very interactive. They are thus more likely to yield you the higher conversation rates you require.

Faster Turnaround

While designing your favorite banner we see to it that we take as little time as is realistically possible. As a matter of fact, we take as little as just 24 hours to deliver the outcomes you desire. We are also pretty effective at meeting deadlines.

High-Quality Outcomes

Generally speaking, our work is of very high quality indeed. We take every effort to see to it that we use only the latest design techniques. We also engage your input throughout the design stage to ensure that the final outcome closely mirrors your expectations.


Now that it is quite clear that we are the design company you have been looking for all along, why not approach us for your next design task? Getting started with us is pretty simple. Just log on to our corporate website: www.bannerstodo.com. You will find every bit of information there.