HTML5 Banner Ads Design

Banners come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. They are also used to display different messages and adverts. This further means that they are designed using different tools and techniques. However, the HTML5 Banner is by far the best of all the banner design platform available at the moment.

For a start, the term HTML5 stands for Hypertext Markup Language version 5. It’s a programming language that is used to structure and present contents on the World Wide Web. This version is the latest and by far the most advanced of the HTML standards.

It was released into the market in October 2014 by the World Wide Web Consortium. It is designed and intended to improve the HTML standard with support for the latest multimedia. It is also designed to be easily readable by humans and as well as understood by computers and electronic devices such as web browsers and parsers.

HTML5 works much the same way as ordinary web banners. This means it is embedded onto a web page and delivered by an advertisement server. It attracts traffic to the website onto which it is embedded by linking the said website to that of the advertiser.


HTML is three-in-one in that it does incorporate the functionality of several other design tools. Below is the breakdown of the roles that the design tool plays:


This is the basic component of HTML5. It provides the raw structure upon which the subsequent design tasks and elements are performed.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The CSS component takes care of presentation. It determines how the final outcome will look to the visitor of the advertisement.


JavaScript is what makes the banner able to discharge its roles. It contains the set of instructions which tell the advert what to do when the various actions are performed on it.


Several browsers are able to support this design tool. Examples of these are Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and so on. For this reason, you can be certain that a banner that is generated by the language can be accessed and viewed across several platforms.


This banner design tool improves engagements with the target audience. This is because it is highly interactive and is hence easily manipulated. For this reason, the viewers or those who access the adverts will enjoy enhanced experiences compared to those of other ads.

Creates Amazing Mobile Ads

Unlike most other banner advert designs, the ones for HTML5 can work well on mobile devices. They fit nicely on the mobile monitors and also load faster. Given that mobiles have higher penetration, it follows that these banners have a comparatively wider reach.

Enhances the Viewability of Ads

One striking aspect of this design tool is that it may lengthen or shorten in response to the available screen size. For this reason, no contents are lost or obscured regardless of the monitor that the advert is eventually viewed on. This means it, on the whole, enhances the viewability of the ads.


All factors considered HTML5 Banner is indeed the banner ad design platform of the future. Indeed, no other design tool comes even close to it. In case you plan to have banners constructed for your website, insist on it as the design tool. This way, you just won’t go wrong at all. You also will be sure to derive the benefits outlined above.