Rich Media Banner Ads

The world of commerce is getting more and more competitive. This is due to the influx of more players in just about every other niche. To beat this competition, there is the need to adopt ingenuous advertising techniques like Rich Media Banner.


The rich media banner is one of the ways through which the intense competition may be beaten. For a start, it is a form of online advertising that includes the use of such features as audio, video, and other high-quality elements.

The design is intended to encourage the viewers to interact and engage one-on-one with the contents that are displayed. It is, therefore, an active form of advertising rather than the passive one which forms the basis of most other advertising channels.


In-Page Ad

As the name suggests, this kind of advert is placed onto a web page. It basically comes in the form of a rectangular frame on a webpage.

Out of Page Ad

This is a pop-up or floating advert. It shows up in front of the web page whenever it is accessed. Sometimes these adverts will expand to capture the attention of the user’s eye.

In-Stream Ad

In this advert, videos rather than text, images or graphics are used. The video adverts are automatically before or after the main video. They deliver more information that the other two forms of advertising because they display data, text, audio, and images at a time.


Below are some of the benefits of the rich media banner advertising design tool

Enhanced Tracking

This rich media banner advert allows you to track and keep an accurate trail of the consumers of your adverts. This is because it is accompanied by excellent analytics. You will be able to know the location of each viewer, their total number, and demographics, among others.

Higher Interaction Rates

As stated above, this form of advertising is interactive. This means it allows one-on-one communication between the advertiser and the recipient. For this reason, it enhances the interaction between these two players in the advertising ecosystem.

Expanded Space

These banners provide you ample space to embed just about every other kind of banner. For instance, it may allow you to attach more photos, calls for action, and added messaging. This way, you can avail so much more information to your targeted audience but in very economical space.

Higher Click-Through RatesGiven their highly interactive nature, the rich media banner ads generate higher responses. They attract higher click-through rates than other static forms of adverts. This means they make comparatively higher impacts. This, of course, leads to greater sales leads.

Cater to Different Audiences

With this kind of advert, you can cater to different targeted audiences with ease. This is because it has several options for you to choose from. It can also be tailored to a specific audience with ease unlike most other forms of advertising.


Though expensive and complicated, the rich media banners are by far the king of all forms of web-based advertising. They are very rich in content and are highly interactive. This makes them all the more preferred form of reaching out to potential clients. If you have not utilized them, now is the time to do so. Waiting longer may deny you the chance to enjoy their fringe benefits.