Social Media Covers


Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and SnapChat are increasingly becoming the next frontier for advertisements. This is because they jointly command the lion’s share of all the internet users worldwide. We know the value of Social Media Covers Design for you.

For this reason, it is in the best interest of any business entity to incorporate them into their marketing strategy. The social media banner adverts are perhaps the most effective means of leveraging such platforms.

We are going to introduce to you our social media banner services and the benefits of having us design them for you.


Static Banners

These are largely informative nature. They do not allow two-way communications between the publishers and the audience. They merely display the information to be passed on to a targeted audience, nothing more. They are cheaper and simpler to design but contain too little information. They are ideal for passing short pieces of information.

Animated GIFs

Sometimes you inevitably have to grasp the attention of your targeted audience. You mainly do this by putting up a banner that is as conspicuous as possible. The animated GIFs will help you in getting this done. They display images in the form of motions, flow charts, interactive diagrams, and infographics. This way, they enable the images to be easily comprehended and interpreted by the targeted audience.


Videos are complete motion pictures that are accompanied by audio contents. They mainly inform a targeted audience as they do not allow for interactivity. The contents they furnish to the audience is however rich and comprehensive.


This kind of banner displays information the form of visual presentations and diagrams. They are also eye-catching and comparatively simpler to comprehend. They are also used to show causation between two or more variables.

Content Downloads

In some instances, it is always necessary to provide wholesome contents to clients. This content should ideally be downloadable for future and independent reference. The content download adverts enable this to happen.


By having us design your social media banner adverts, you stand to enjoy the following benefits
More Affordable

Our services are more affordable than those of most competitors. You will not have to dig too deep into your pocket to afford them. You will also save some money which you may subsequently use to fund other crucial activities.

Customized Approach

In our firm, we adopt a customized approach while dealing with our clients. We treat each customer as though he were the only one who was in our firm. We also take our time to listen passionately to each customer. We thereafter adopt strategies that are geared towards their unique ends.

Faster Turnaround

We take the shortest time humanly possible to complete all the pending tasks. This means you will also enjoy the benefit of a faster turnaround. You will not experience any unnecessary delays and the accompanying inconveniences.

Skilled Manpower

At our company, we screen all would-be designers thoroughly before admitting them into our team. We only admit those who have the education, experience, and skill set necessary for a good job. This way, you are guaranteed nothing but the highest quality outcomes at all times.

Free Advisory and Consultancy

To crown it all, we do offer free advisory and consultancy services to all our clients. For instance, we let them know how to improve the shapes and designs of their banners. In so doing, they enjoy better experiences than they would elsewhere.


For your next social media banner advert design, look no further than we, BannerToDo. We are indeed well able to satisfy you comprehensively. You will never go wrong at all by entrusting us with this crucial task.