Static Banner


Static banner ads are the simplest forms of banners. They contain the bare minimum pieces of information you need to pass on to your target audience. They are also cheaper both to make and afford. For this reason, you definitely have to consider them first and foremost before trying out other alternatives.

At our company, we do have the capacity to design and place these banners on your website. We have been doing so for far too long now. This means we have the capacity and the wherewithal necessary for great outcomes and a higher degree of satisfaction on your part.

To take advantage of our static banner ads design services, you simply have to follow some few yet simple steps. These form the basis of the proceeding portions of the discussions.


Step I: Create an Account

Access our web address: Create an account on the site. All our correspondences shall be handled and communicated via your account. This will also allow you to keep accurate track of the progress of your tasks and engage us more effectively.

Step II: Place an Order

Place your order. Do this by filling a form. In this form, you will furnish us with all the finer details of the banners you want. For instance, you will be able to let us know the number, type, degree of sophistication, and quantity of banners you are looking for.

Step III: Make Payments

Our system will thereafter analyze the order and generate a quote. You will consequently make the corresponding payment. We currently accept payments via PayPal and major cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Once you have made your payment, we will place it in an escrow account. Any refunds or cancellations of orders prematurely are subject to our terms and conditions.

Step IV: Track your Progress

From the time we receive your payment to the time we deliver your banner, you will enjoy the privilege of being able to track the progress of our work. To do this, you will just have to sign into your account and check out your dashboard. In case of any issues, you will enjoy the privilege of letting us know. We may make adjustments and revisions where applicable.

Step V: Receive your Banner

As soon as we are through with the banner, we will deliver it to you. We are very fast and efficient. For this reason, we, in most cases hand in the tasks way before the stipulated deadlines. This being the case, you will have to check out your dashboard severally just in case we may have already completed the task.


What are you waiting for? Look to no other design company for your next static banner ads. We have the means and wherewithal necessary to bring those ideas to fruition. Moreover, we charge less, are faster, and have the skill and experience required for satisfactory outcomes. Many of our past clients have repeatedly ordered our services. This is proof that they were indeed satisfied by the treatment they received from us. This also assures you of the same if not better experiences or outcomes.